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Electric Gates - Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a power cut?

All gate operators have a manual release. This "unlocks" the gate and allows it to be pushed open.

How do my gates close?

Gates can be set to automatically close when the vehicle or person passes through after a set time, or when the user presses a button. Other options are available.

How do my visitors leave?

There are numerous methods available, including (keypads, buttons and automatic sensors) It depends on the situation of the gates and security needed for each particular site.

How reliable can an automated gate system be?

The reliability of a system depends on the quality of the components used, the quality of the build and the environmental conditions. The reliability is also affected by how often the system is serviced. If the system is installed properly and quality components are used, there is no reason why the system should not last for years.

Can the gates close on a car or person?

With the correct positioning of sensors the possibility of this happening can be greatly reduced. It is worth noting that most operators have an inbuilt safety feature, where if too much pressure is being exerted by the gates they will cut out.